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We are hoping to resume our schedule of events. The programs we are announcing will take place if Covid pandemic regulations allow. If you have any questions, please check our website for updates or contact us at:


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Sea Level Rise, Rising Temperatures & Precipitation and Climate Change Information on Connecticut


As part of the Essex Land Trust's mission to promote knowledge and awareness on important environmental issues, we are sharing three documents that may be of interest to land trust members. Following are links to: Sea Level Rise, Rising Temperatures & Precipitation and What Climate Change Means for Connecticut. Please feel free to share these attachments with family, friends and colleagues.



2020 Annual Report

The Annual Report for 2020   highlights achievements, initiatives and major activities over the past year. Essex Land Trust preserves have been visited at unprecedented levels, as theCovid 19 pandemic encouraged many to enjoy the outdoor open space provided by the land trust. The report provides updates on Membership, Finances, our Mission, Vision and Values, Acquisitions, Programs, Volunteers, and Stewardship. Click HERE to access a downloadable copy of the Annual Report.


Thatchbed Island & its Ospreys


The Essex Land Trust is pleased to announce that it has published Thatchbed Island & its Ospreys, a booklet commemorating the return of Ospreys to its Thatchbed Island property and the lower Connecticut River. The booklet celebrates the successful recovery of this iconic raptor, one that practically disappeared from Connecticut. The 45-page, full color booklet features a brief history of Thatchbed Island, the experience of building the platform and installing the camera, recounts the breeding season through pictures taken from the OspreyCam live stream and details the causes of Ospreys decline and eventual recovery. Both the publishing of the booklet and the cost of installing the Osprey camera were facilitated by grants received from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County. The booklet was spearheaded by board member Jim Denham who coordinated and edited the project. It is a lasting contribution and serves as a reminder of the land trust’s mission: Caring for our world here at home. A downloadable version is available on the Essex Land Trust website  HERE or can be purchased for $7.50 (postage included) by sending an email to


Learn More Abour the Essex Land Trust


Would you like to know more about the Essex Land Trust or are you interested in becoming more involved in its activities? Over the past 50 years, the Essex Land Trust has been offering members of the community and others informative lectures and educational outdoor experiences. Owning 650 acres of preserves and helping to manage an additional 250 acres of Town of Essex property, the Essex Land Trust currently has 400 members and over 30 engaged stewards.


The attached presentation by Essex Land Trust board member, Jeff Croyle, provides an overview of the Essex Land Trust's mission and accomplishments, its 2020 calendar of events and available volunteer opportunities. His presentation highlights ELT properties with a focus on its larger preserves and features our new Trail Guide book. He is Steward for the Windswept Ridge Preserve.

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Follow the Falls

Collaboration with Essex Historical Society

Follow the Falls represents a joint effort by Essex Historical Society and the Essex Land Trust to tell the remarkable story of the Falls River which binds together the three historic villages of Ivoryton, Centerbrook and Essex to form what we know today as the Town of Essex. Besides its historic significance, the Falls River is home to a rich natural history, kept alive by the four Essex Land Trust preserves located along its winding shores.


Falls River Part One. In 2018 Follow the Falls explores the area’s natural history, Native American and European settlements, the harnessing of the river’s water power and the industrial development of Falls River Cove. The story is told through an online magazine, a printed booklet, and special event programs. Click here to access.


Upstream. Future installments of the Falls River story will trace the significant development upstream along the river in both the villages of Centerbrook and Ivoryton. The stories of the workers, their families and the communities that sprung up alongside the river form the historic narrative of the Town of Essex.





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