Our Vision and Mission

The Essex Land Trust is an independent nonprofit organization supported by generous donations and managed by a dedicated group of volunteers. Its Vision is to preserve our community’s open space and natural resources for the benefit of future generations.


To this end our Mission is to acquire open space by gift or purchase and to protect the environment and the small town character of the three villages, Essex, Centerbrook and Ivoryton, which comprise the town of Essex and to provide our community with passive recreational and educational opportunities.


To fulfill these objectives the Land Trust conserves wildlife habitats, forests, fields, rivers, wetlands and scenic views by maintaining properties in a natural state.




 New & Notable

Noteworthy items of interest regarding the Essex Land Trust’s properties, events and initiatives, including copies of the member’s newsletter, Woods & Waters.



 ELT Fact Sheet

For a thumbnail summary of the Essex Land Trust, download this PDF Fact Sheet.



 Giving to ELT

Explore the different ways in which to give to the Essex Land Trust by downloading the Giving to the ELT PDF.



 How Does ELT Acquire Land?

Donating land for conservation is one of the finest legacies a person can leave for future generations. This PDF explains some of the ways ELT can acquire land.